Comments Regarding THE MACHINE:

The Machine have been playing classic rock since before it was classic. They know their stuff!
_____The Seattle Times


Thanks for the great job on Saturday night. The Machine did a great job and made for a fun environment. We will definitely keep you in mind for future events. Everyone enjoyed the music!

_____Cori Gunkle, Mortenson Construction 2012


The Machine was good.  They are a very appropriate New Year’s Eve band. . . .playing popular and recognizable tunes for a wide variety of the masses. I think they really enjoyed themselves and remarked that they thought the crowd was great and appreciative. And we found them easy to work with.

_____Organizers of WinterFest after The Machine played Seattle Center for New Years 2009 & 2010


We saw you guys play last night in Carnation. The harmonies were surprisingly good. Nice work.
_____Adam, North Bend.


Thank You SO much for taking the extra effort to make our wedding night AWESOME Fun!! We loved you at 7 Cedars Aug. 16th!! Thanks again!
_____John and Phyllis


Just wanted to say thank you for the great music and dancing fun at Seven Cedars casino on Saturday, August 15th, 2008. Sorry the singer for the other band got sick but it was definitely fortunate for those of us from Sequim and Port Angeles to be able to hear your band play! You all play great and made the night very very enjoyable and very very danceable!! I really enjoyed the music. All of you really get into the music and into your audience which makes for a whole lot of fun!!!

I sent an email to Seven Cedars Casino, with a copy to your site, letting them know how pleased everyone was to have you play there and to book you there more often!! Hope we get the pleasure of listening and dancing to your band again soon!!

Thanks for a very fun, very danceable night!!!! You guys rock!!

_____A new fan, Karen - Port Angeles, WA


I liked the music selection the Machine played and they were good guys, really flexible.
_____Organizer of Lakewood SummerFest 2008


My family and I saw you play at the Good Guys Car Show in Spokane, WA. We have never seen such enthusiasm, charisma and audience interaction such as you displayed. My 12 year daughter said "they were as much fun as the Black Eyed Peas concert we attended last year" that is a huge complement coming from her. We wished we could have stayed for the last set but had other obligations to tend to. By the way I was on the cell phone with one of my friends so she could hear you play one of her favorite songs. We hope to see you again soon. We highly recommend everyone to see you perform if they have the chance.
______Carleena and Dan , Spokane,WA 8/2007


On July 24th I hosted an event at Bell Harbor for the US Services part of Microsoft. This is a semiannual party we do for our technical audience to network and have some fun. We needed a band that was fun and easy going but also would be okay if my largely male population mostly listened and ate and did not engage much... Upon recommendation we hired the The Machine to play this party of about 600 attendees . The Machine was exactly what we needed for this event. They played good music and yet were not demanding of attention. They were courteous and professional to my leadership that sometimes shared the stage as well as started and completed on time. This is not an easy crowd to play for and I really appreciate The Machine coming in and doing a great job from beginning to end.
_______Karen Knoetgen Event Program Manager Microsoft


The Machine played at the Microsoft US Services TechReady 5 Party at Bell Harbor Intl. Conference Center in July. They were a fantastic addition to our party, playing in front of a beautiful Elliott Bay backdrop. We were most impressed by their professionalism and the wide variety of music they played.
They interacted well with our attendees, created a fun upbeat atmosphere and played an eclectic mix of great music. I would definitely hire them again for another corporate or private
event. Thanks Machine!!
_______Nicole Shay, Sr. Event Manager, Impact! Events


Regarding the Microsoft US Enterprise Services TR5 Party on Tuesday 7/24/2007:
I had a great time - you guys were excellent!!! I stayed right to the end. I wanted to email the Microsoft contact for the party to let them know what a great choice they made for the entertainment;
_______Jason Z. Technical Account Manager Microsoft

I highly recommend the band The Machine as a great addition to any event you may be planning. They played at my daughters wedding reception recently and were absolutely wonderful. The members of the band (Jim Pompeo, Bryan Woolley, Larry Harwood, and Brian Scott) are exceptionally talented musicians and entertainers who have mastered a wide variety of music that appeals to audiences of all ages. Not only did they display energy and enthusiasm throughout their performance, but also they engaged the audience and keep them on their feet throughout the night.
We had a great evening of fun and dancing, the band members were easy to work with, their physical setup and prior planning was meticulous, and the cost was reasonable for the venue in which they performed.Bottom line…they were great!
_______Col. Richard H. Mackey, Sr.- 7/2007

Hey Guys! You Rocked Saturday Night! I was there, right at the front of the stage most of the 1st and all of the 2nd sets!!! You guys have got to get on the regular schedule at Tulalip! Thanks again!

A blast was had by all at the Tulalip Casino this weekend! Wish we could have come eariler, but were there by 11 and stayed till almost 1:00 All our girls were thrilled when we pulled into the Tulalip parking lot and said, "we're not really here to gamble, but the Machine is playing" There were shrieks of joy coming from our back seats! Thank YOU for being a part of our fun girls night out! Their line to get in was at least 20-60 people long until about midnight! We waited in it and drank drinks, coffee and had donut holes for almost 40 minutes! :)
_______Debbie, Lake Stevens


I wanted to tell you that you guys packed the Tulalip out.... half way through the night the line to get into the lounge was through the casino and heading toward the front entrance... Had a great time and thanks!
_______Bambi, Everett


We had an awesome time at the Tulalip Casino! Whenever I'm in the mood to go out dancing, I only check out where The Machine is playing. You guys are always so fun and we love watching you play. Thanks for all the great memories!
_______Danielle, Mukilteo

Had a great time this last weekend at the Clearwater Casino. Sounded great, and you guys held the crowd better than anything else that I’ve seen in there!
_______Douglas W Booth, President - Entertainment Booth Sound

Saw you folks last night @ Clearwater and was amazed at how entertaining and very talented you ALL were. i had never seen your show before and was quite impressed...looking forward to next time.
_______Queenie, Suquamish

Hey Guys! We Saw You Saturday Night At Tulalip! Let Me Say ~ YOU WERE AWESOME ~ I think you will be hearing from the casino regarding further bookings!!! We Talked to the staff and they loved you as well! Looking forward to seeing you soon!
_______Mark and Stacy Dalton


You guys were awesome again at Big Daddy's...we love your music and energy....


You kicked ass at Petosa's in Everett! Much better than most local bands out there!
_______ Dirk, Seattle

Great shows at bcs beach club this weekend!
_______ Michael, Mill Creek

_______ Tammy, Lynnwood

Friday night at Big Daddy's was a lot of fun! I can always expect to see a great show whenever I come out to see The Machine!
_______ Gail, Everett

This band rocks if u ever see them u will want 2 see them again. They make you feel the music. Bass, Drums, and Guitar (lead and rhythm)- don't forget about the vocals!
_______ Stonedoc, Everett

_______ 7 Cedars Casino, Sequim

FINALLY! A Seattle band that isn't playing just the 70's or just the 60's! That is so boring! You guys do such a great variety of everything! THANK YOU!
_______ Kevin and Joan , Woodinville


I saw you at the Emerald Queen Casino over the weekend, you guys rock!! Had a great time and am looking forward to seeing you guys again!
_______ Sandy, Tacoma

Had a great time at the class of 80 reunion in Port Angeles. You guys played an awesome mix of tunes that kept us dancing all night! Thanks a lot. We'll have to come see you in the Seattle area.
_______ Lisa L., Port Angeles


You guys kicked at my 20th high school reunion (Cascade High, Royal Casino - July, 21st). Love the new website. A special thanks to Lyle for his guitar instruction to me and my daughter. I'll be checking your site regularly for dates I can share your music with my friends and family.
_______Jeff H. , Everett

I saw you at BC McDonalds on the 10th of July, and was blown away by your talent. I have never really enjoyed a band at a club until I heard you guys. I kept thinking it was the jukebox while I was playing pool in the back. You guys are INCREDIBLE! I marked your web site in my favorites to keep up with where you are playing. Thank you very very much for a fun night of dancing and some FANTASTIC music!!
_______ Misty, Mukilteo

Thanks for keeping your emailing list people in tune with what you're doing! It's always fun to see a local band that you like. I wish I could say that I saw you at The Taste of Edmonds...unfortunately, we spent an hour in line to get in! We heard every note and it sounded great!
_____T. Meyers, Edmonds

Just wanted to thank you guys for a great time last Saturday at BC's. We were the birthday group for Tracy and Valerie. It's the best birthday party I ever had! My friends and I hope to be dancing with you soon, keep up the great music!
_______ Valerie S., Mill Creek

I've been following The Machine since 1993 to the are great!!!
____Tammy and Scott, Mill Creek

I just wanted to say that it was a blast at Newcastle days with The Machine! My children really enjoyed having the opportunity to dance with me and The Machine. Thank you for being such awesome people!
________V. Sangrey, Kirkland

We had a good time, my wife played the last song on Jim's shoulders. We'll see you at your next gig. Thanks for the good time and great music!!!
_______Dan and April, Mill Creek

You guys are by far one of the most entertaining bands I've ever seen! I saw you guys at Petosa's about a month ago and was very impressed. Then I was lucky enough to be at the Bite of Seattle on Sunday when you guys were there. I will definitely attend many more shows. Also, great website! Keep up the great work and thanks!
______ B. Metzger, Lynnwood

You guys have a great band and show- we really enjoy it!!:) We've seen you at Petosa's, and at BC Mac's in Mill Creek, we're also going tonight just to see you guys at the Edmonds Waterfront Festival...Keep up the great work.
_______Joyce and Debbie, Everett

Hey! I saw you at BC's this weekend and thought you were great! I've seen you before there and you were great then too!
_____ Cindy, Mill Creek


Thanks for some great playing and fun times at Sparky's this weekend! You guys were really jammin'! Hope to see you again there soon. I wanted to see you at the Taste of Edmonds, but I only saw you from outside the fence as the line to get in was really long!
______Debbie, Edmonds